What is LIDACO system?

LIDACO (Limiter Data Control) is a telematic system for data visualization, analysis and programming CESVA limiters; a complete solution for control and inspection of noisy activities without displacements in order to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum effort: reduced time commitment and resource optimization.

How does LIDACO system work?

LIDACO system is based on the installation of CESVA recorders limiters, which control and record sound levels (emission and reception) and incidents that may happen in any activity (bars, pubs, terraces, restaurants, etc..). The system comprises the data RECORDING and AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION of these data to a certified secure server (without intermediaries) and storage the data for future consultations and inspections from the www.lidaco.com site.

The access to the online site can be done through any browser, without installing programs and only by authorized users. LIDACO analyzes all data from all limiters (levels and incidents) and reports of activities with more "incidents". So you only need to dedicate time to activities really "problematic" without analyzing all the data sequentially. The site allows you to see, among others, the sound pressure levels of activity (both graphically and numerically), the duration of incidents (system tampered, uncontrolled source, sensor inactive, level exceeded ...), programming of the limiter, and shows you their location on an interactive map of the area. It also can generate PDF reports with charts and graphics of the levels, limits and incidents occurred of each activity.

The online web allows you programming session schedule of the limiter, without going to the activity (only available for LRF-05).

With LIDACO you will have the best detailed information about the performance of noisy activities to carry out a complete EVALUATION, SUPERVISION and facilitate DECISIONS, after any incident.

Advantages of LIDACO system

  • Data collection without displacement or intermediaries.
  • 100% web. No need to install software.
  • 24h access from any device: PC, Tablet, Smartphone, ...
  • On-line automatic analysis: LIDACO highlights the most serious incidents. No need to analyse all the data sequentially.
  • User-friendly environment: ease to use.
  • Remotely on-line programming of schedules and the maximum level, without displacements to the activity.
  • The quality of the information obtained allows complaints reduction. 
  • Cost savings, increased efficiency, reduced spent time, optimization of resources.
  • Facilitates decision making.
  • LIDACO can address the control and supervision of noisy activities which were not possible previously. 

Who and how to register to LIDACO?

  • If you are an inspection body and you want to control all installed CESVA limiters in your area, please: Click here.
  • If you want to be an official installer of CESVA limiters, please: Click here.
  • If you have an activity and you want that your limiter has LIDACO connection (remote data transmission), please: Click here.