Everything in the cloud: data, analysis and programming

From anywhere in the world, without installing any software and through any device with internet (computer, tablet, Smartphone, etc..), You can access 24 hours to www.lidaco.com online web and can view all data limiters. By accessing to this site, LIDACO makes an analysis of the activities with more serious incidents, so you only need to analyze the problematic activities.LIDACO also allows you to program the maximum levels and the schedule without displacements to the activity....

No displacements, no intermediaries

All data from the CESVA register-limiters are automatically transmitted by GPRS, ADSL (LAN) or Wi-Fi through a certified secure connection to a database hosted on a web server with encryption and security certificate. LIDACO allows connecting an unlimited number of equipments.The transmission is direct, without intermediaries, and no possibility of transcription errors. The feasibility of monitoring a network of limiters, now, is possible: No displacement need, reducing the spent time and optimizing resources....

Secure data transmission

All of our CESVA registers-limiters data is automatically transmitted to LIDACO via GPRS or LAN (to use communications such as ADSL, cable, FTTH optic fibre, 3G, LTE, satellite, etc.) trough a secure and certified connection.Both encryption and security of data transmission and storage of data located in databases of our SSL server are certified by Thawte known company....

Multiuser environment

LIDACO access is only permitted to authorized users and is restricted by username and password.LIDACO is a multiuser system with pyramid structure. At the top of the structure is the Administrator unique user with access to all data and privileges to create and provide access to more users (Inspectors, Installers or Activity owners). Each user profile has access to certain information....

Automatic analysis of incidents

CESVA limiters control and stores sound levels (emission and reception) and incidents that may occur in any activity: bars, pubs, terraces and gyms. With LIDACO controlling and monitoring of these activities now is possible. There is no need to analyze all activities sequentially searching incidents. LIDACO classifies the activities according to the severity of the incidents for the analysis period desired.It also has the 'highlight incidents' option, which evaluates only the most serious incidents taking into account the type and its duration. This allows you to spend the minimum time necessary for the analysis of activities..

Information organized by tabs

Besides the direct access to the most problematic intervals and activities, LIDACO provides an intuitive visual environment and easy to use for both technical and administrative staff. It allows quick access to desired information.
All information is organized by tabs in a single screen, there you have access to the following information: contact and location data of activities on an interactive map of the area, the activities for which no information has been received with a diagnosis of the transmission system and the programming of the limiter with a history of lasts programming.
You can also interactively explore the time history of the sound levels and specific incidents with a summary of incidents for the period displayed: this can be expanded (zoom out) or focus (zoom in) to see a specific details that happened in a punctual instant or to see the periodicities over longer periods (weekly or monthly).
This allows to have the necessary information to make the right decisions.

Sound levels

The visualization of sound levels vs. the maximum sound pressure level allowed is crucial to evaluate how the activity works, not only inside but for reception in neighbouring homes or outdoors.
The noise levels displayed belong to any normal functions of an acoustic study: LAeq, LAeq1'max, emission and reception LAeq1'min, acoustic percentile levels L1, L5, L10, L50, L90 or parameters as LAFmax.
These data are displayed numerically in tables for easy interpretation and in interactive graphics that can be copied and pasted into any word processor, and generate your own reports in pdf..


Visualization of the sound levels time history must be together with the incidents and tampering on the music equipment and on the limiter. The existence of these is sometimes worse than exceeding the maximum permitted noise levels.LIDACO evaluate the incidents by type and the duration thereof. Some of these are:
- Level exceeded (Emission and Reception): measured levels of emission and reception are above the limit.
- Mains disconnection: the limiter has not been connected to the mains.
- System tampered: the limiter has been manipulated directly or indirectly to modify its operation.
- Uncontrolled Source: sound sources were detected running in parallel.

On-line programming of schedules and maximum levels

On special occasions such as celebrations and local festivals, extend schedule and increase maximum levels permitted is a common practice. LIDACO allows programming remotely the session schedule (opening and closing time) and the emission and reception limits without displacement to the activities (from the office).Remote reprogramming of the limiters by inspection body technicians, keeps giving strength to LIDACO system, saving time and increasing efficiency.Naturally, the access to change the program of the limiter is controlled by type of profile, user access control and password of the limiter. All reprogramming are recorded in the system..

Automatic printing of PDF reports

All work performed in LIDACO will not have sense if this could not be reported and shared. So LIDACO allows to generate PDF reports of the activity data, the data programmed on the limiter, the noise levels and incidents analyzed.These automatically generated reports can be saved, printed or emailed....

Backup data

Unfortunately, some unfavourable inspections ends on sanctions that can entail very long time process if they pass through the courts.
In these cases it is essential not only have the information printed (PDF report) but all the information collected by the limiter.
To do this, LIDACO allows back up data transmitted. Thus, using the limiter software, you can view and analyze all incidents again as many times as you want and when you want, even from passed year..

Website for installers

The task of limiter installers is crucial to make the equipments work properly. Correct installation and subsequent maintenance of the system are essential.To help installers to check the status of the limiters and data transmission system, LIDACO has available only for them a website place where they can see: the date of the last connection to the limiter, if the limiter is connected to the modem or modem cover located in the activity..