Recorders-Limiters CESVA

The recorder-limiters are nowadays, the best solution to adopt when there are problems related to loud music activities. CESVA have the most appropriate equipment for each case: frequencial limiters, limiters and registers.

Our sound-level recorder-limiters can control any musical activity and ensure that noise levels present in the activity will be the maximum as possible but without causing any inconvenience to neighbourhood by providing them a comfortable environment.bourhood by providing them a comfortable environment.




All our computers can be connected to LIDACO.

ENOS option: High quality music with none music cut

The ENOS option (Extraneous Noise Override System) has been specially designed for music reproduction at locals with high ambient noise levels: bars, pubs, restaurants, terraces, etc.. IT DOES NOT CUT THE MUSIC.

With the ENOS option enabled, the limiter controls the music so you never exceed the programmed limit, regardless of the noise generated by customers. 

ENOS: TOP QUALITY MUSIC without distortion or MUSIC CUTS. 

Different environments, different solutions

CESVA has the most appropriate recorder- limiter for each activity:

  • Sound equipment in fixed installations such as nightclubs, pubs, music bars, etc..
  • Sound equipment in fixed installations in outdoor bars, terraces, etc..
  • Mobile sound systems at concerts, festivals, live performances both outdoor (festivals, etc..) and indoors (halls, multipurpose areas, etc..).
  • Sound equipments in sports facilities where there are activities with music: gyms, fitness rooms, aerobics, spinning, etc.. 
  • Outdoor public address system: sport events, outdoor pools, etc..
  • Sound equipments in shopping malls and stores with music. 
  • Sound equipments in bars and restaurants.